The weir at Bahnitz.

But then, within the last 50 meter, it is clear: The lock is there! - and it is very small indeed. Never the less we try to enter and,
Voila! - we fit in. Who should have thought that?! This must be the smallest lock I have ever passed through.
On the other side of the lock, the water way widens and an occasional farm building show up. Slowly more buildings, and even small towns join and we realise that we are getting closer to the City of randenburg. Briest in the warm evening light.
Before we end the journey, we decide to stay the last night for anchor, just north of Plaue, south west of "Kalten-Hausen". A beautiful sunset over the bay lends the evening swim an enchanting atmosphere ! The next morning, the last day of our trip, we arrive at our point of departure, the well equipped marina at Plaue.
We will be dreaming of the beautiful sceneries of the "West-Havelland" for a long time. So much nature, so much water, and very little people. A perfect region to relax in and spend time with the family. This is certainly the closest you get to the Amazonas in this corner of the world!