The Hartlepool Marina

The "Trincomalee"
We moored at one of the pontoons in the marina, and had a fine dinner in one of the charming restaurants and the quay-side. The Hartlepool Marina has all facilities: Electricity, water, showers etc.

Our "MPV" in Hartlepool. The Seacamper 810 served us well during the hole journey.
The day after, we went back to Newcastle and the "Royal Quays Marina".
An excursion to Hadrians Wall on August 21st marked the end of our
Northumberland adventure. Hadrian's Wall was established by the Romans between
AD 122 -128 as a defence against the Scottish and Irish tribes.

The Hadrian wall. Almost 2000 years old!

The Seacamper 810 was lifted out of the water at "Royal Quays" and gently placed
on it's trailer. After wrapping the boat up and lashing all loose ends down, the "train"
was ready for the ferry-trip back to Ijmuiden /Amsterdam and on to Berlin.
A fine and interesting cruise it was! Some 200 NM all in all, and many beautiful
impressions of people and country.

A big "thank you" to ship and crew!